Below are some of the parents that have been through our process. They got their children eating healthy food and you can too. Their lives and diets have changed thanks to the Little Bites strategies they’ve used. well done to all my challenging superstar eaters!!

“Thank you for helping me eat new food”

Client, age 6

“I just wanna say thankyou. You have helped us make meal time bareable again.

Charlotte is eating Oats happily, chose Lasagne for dinner and while out one night tried Calamari, said she didn’t like it but happily finished what she started to eat.

I am finally looking forward to mealtimes again and your process has made trying new things FUN!”


“She’s keen to try anything: I’ve been so surprised, it’s great. There is no pressure at meal times, and it has helped so much.”


“My 2 year old was next level and I just wanted some info on how to support her in trying new things as it stops us being able to go out to restaurants etc as she won’t have anything unless it’s her usual. Put things into place 3 days ago, and for dinner the last 3 nights she has eaten kumara and carrots, before any of her usuals that were also on the plate. We are still going but she’s made me so proud and seems excited about trying new things now! Thanks heaps Rose-Anne!!”


“We started this morning after breakfast as per her request. She decided on carrot. she asked if she could just eat it. So she ate a whole carrot stick then asked to try broccoli so ate a couple of bites raw. I’m absolutely shocked.

She has never eaten carrot or broccoli before in her life”


His eating is a lot better. Tried and liked lots of new foods also the amount he is eating at meal times is improving. In fact he is asking to try new things too which is great. Thanks x


“It’s all good improvements. I want him to feel empowered to try new things, not forced by me. Even tho I would love to force him!!”

“we’re definitely improving. She actually tried a bit of celery last night! Spat it out after trying it but it made its way into her mouth haha”


“We have been working along side Rose Anne for around a month.
My 9yo daughter is now eating carrots, yogurts and banana DAILY.
Listening to Rose Anne talk about food phobias has really changed the way I speak about food and that has also changed the way my daughter responds to trying new foods and foods she has previously been terrified of.
My daughter seems to be more relaxed and knows it’s not going to escalate into me being MAD at her for not eating something.
Its not a quick fix but I did see immediate results.
We will use the Little Bites program and support network long term.”



” Tiana became willing to try new food and was excited to do so. Her favourite became salads which she would never have even considered trying before with us. The transformation was life changing for our family. Tiana’s lack of variety with the few unhealthy food items she did eat caused us a lot of stress and anguish.

Since doing the eating course our daughters eating has improved immeasurably. Words cannot describe how happy we are she is now eating normal food and excited to try new things. The results have been long lasting. Although she still likes her old unhealthy foods she understands now that they are treats. We can now eat out at nice restaurants with the confidence there will be something she likes or is willing to try on the menu. We no longer stress and worry that she is not getting enough nutrients in her diet. We have no hesitation recommending this program and the work Rose Anne does. Highly recommended”



” RoseAnne taught my son with Autism for three years and did a fantastic job in getting Matt to experience a huge variety of new foods.

At home Matt eats the same food everyday with no variety.

RoseAnne managed to get my son eating a whole range of new foods, carrot, cucumber, sausages, potatoes, tomato, spaghetti, baked beans to name a few. Often he would be asking for more and became very interested in helping in the preparation of the food before tasting and eating it.

RoseAnne was patient and never pushed Matt if he didn’t want to taste a certain food.

RoseAnne made a significant difference in enabling us to get Matt eating a wide variety of foods at home which has enhanced his life and made meals times more pleasurable.”

Shannon Fagelund-Gjersoe


” Our son has a diagnosis of ASD and from an early age it has been difficult to feed him.  His diet mostly consisted of white bread, rice and hot chips – no colour or meat. He would refuse to eat if he didn’t like what was tabled to eat. Very strong willed in that department and a number of meltdowns ensured that his dietary wants over ruled the needs.

Our son is now 11 years old and we are seeing changes in a number of areas.

Last year Rose Anne was able to introduce different food types to our son. At first he was hesitant, however through consistency he warmed up to what the menu was for that day. He has tasted a lot more food last year than he has in his whole lifetime.

We have seen a shift in our son across a number of areas at home. As a family we are really blessed in having Rose Anne work with Senele. The growth in confidence to eat foods he usually will not touch – has had an increase in asking questions around “what’s for dinner, why can we have some…” It’s been funny having these conversions with him (though small and brief). As a family we are proud he is being more assertive in our interaction, especially now as we are able to increase our engagement in social gatherings. Watching him walk with his older siblings to get food and engaging in trying foods out. We watch his facials and he places his hand out to be very clear he will not have something on his plate… but places it on another plate… lol. It just means carrying more plates but at least he’ll consider eating it.

A while back he would not even consider eating eggs but at a recent family gathering he has a load of potato salad that was made with egg. You could clearly see the egg and he had several bowls. It’s funny to see him engaging with food, explaining why he doesn’t want to eat something. In saying that, the change we see in Senele is amazing. A real food critic in the making”