Family Plan to Rediscover the Joy of Family Mealtimes – IN PERSON & ONLINE BUNDLE

$410 for 4 sessions for 2+ siblings (1 x 1hr initial appointment then 3 x 40min follow up video web chats) 1 hour

A series of consultations and ongoing support for families with multiple challenging eaters. Not all children are the same, so there is no-one size fits all, even when it comes to siblings. Feel empowered and confident that change will happen and can be sustained as you support your children to overcome their food challenges and rediscover the joy of family mealtimes.

During your initial 1-hour session :

You will receive an expert’s evaluation of your children’s eating issues, based on the food diarys and pre-consultation questionnaires you will be asked to complete beforehand.

You will receive a personalised, step-by-step programme for each of your children, based on their individual needs and be coached through this programme so that you have a clear understanding of each strategy and the methodology behind it. You will leave feeling confident to use these strategies at home to teach your children to try new foods.

If appropriate, your children will be introduced to their personalised food charts. They will leave knowing the steps they will be taking and understanding that they will set the pace.

Your 40-minute follow-up sessions :

– Offer you a safety net as you implement the strategies at home.

– Allow you to address any ongoing challenges and revisit strategies to overcome them.

– Celebrate your successes and build on them by creating a family plan for the next steps.

– Discover how to transition Little Bites strategies into family meal times and long-term routines.

Please note: Face-to-Face consultations take place in Mellons Bay. The initial session can also be done via video web chat.


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