What age is best to do this programme?

I have had clients up to early teens and as young as 2 years old. The most common age parents come to me is around 6-7 years old.

Does my child really need this programme?

If your child is completely missing 1 or more important food group (fruits and vegetables, meat or protein, grains, dairy etc) without a substitute then you can book one of my free telephone consultations, ask any questions you might have and find out what Little Bites can do for your challenging eater. If your child doesn’t need this, I will tell you.

Because this is built for each child, this programme is suitable for neurotypical children as well as those with special needs.

why is my child a challenging eater?

There are lots of different reasons children can be challenging eaters. Some children only eat vegetables and need support to eat the protein and carbs to keep them full, others would live on chips and nuggets and there are a huge range of reasons. When I evaluate your child I look at their textural and taste preferences as well as mealtimes, eating habits and a variety of other factors.

What will I get out of this?

  • Confidence in what you’re doing and know you’re being supported.
  • Knowledge of how to increase the variety and nutrition in your child’s diet.
  • A step by step guide to what to do to help your challenging eater try, taste and learn to enjoy new foods.
  • Make mealtimes fun and stress-free. Don’t live life with the stress of making multiple dinners, dreading social dinners and trips out any longer!
  • resources tailor-made for your child’s age, development and eating preferences.

won’t they grow out of it?

While most children and toddlers grow out of a picky eating phase 25% don’t without support.

Does my child need to attend the session(s) with me?

No, it can make them feel more included if they can join in the session but it is not necessary for success with the programme.

How do I know whether I need more than 1 session?

When you speak to me in the free telephone booking I can suggest which option I think sounds best for your challenging eater.

 If I just book one session and find I need more, can I book them separately? Or do I need to purchase the bundle upfront?

You can book a single consultation then at a later date you can book the “ongoing support appointment” to either revisit strategies to overcome them, or celebrate your successes and build on them by creating a plan for the next steps.