Where to start to change your child’s diet

If you try and change your challenging eater’s whole diet at once without teaching them to try new food first, you’re much less likely to have long term success. Little Bites shows you how to get your child tasting and trying new food first, as well as how to integrate these new foods into their daily diet! There are simple, easy to follow steps to walk you through the whole process!

Why changing everything at once doesn’t work

If you have a challenging eater, there will be food fears – whether it’s textures, fear of the unknown or a build up of anxiety about how stressful mealtimes have become. Taking away all their “safe” foods, forcing them to eat everything on their plate – all new foods – will overwhelm them, make the resent new food and increase the anxiety your child feels around new food.

The crying, gagging, running away and refusing to even try something new can be so frustrating, but what they show us is how strong your child’s aversion is. Take small steps to help them overcome their fears. Slow, steady progress will help change your child’s attitude towards food forever, not just until you stop forcing them to eat healthier food. I have so many clients who come back to me and tell me their child is ASKING to try a new type of food, is happy to eat the new foods in their daily diet, is eating their veggies BEFORE their cookies!

The key is not to ban all their favourites, it’s to help them overcome their fears and change their attitude so they want to try new food, make healthier choices and build great habits that will last their lifetime!

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