Winter is Coming! What supplements and vitamins should you give?

Cold season is coming and challenging eaters often catch them all! A great way to boost your child’s immunity is obviously through fruits and vegetables like citrus (oranges, mandarins, grapefruit etc.), butternut squash, kumera and broccoli. Garlic and ginger help boost immunity too. Keep reading about which supplements are best if your child doesn’t eat a variety of fruit and vegetables.

There are a couple ways to get these into your challenging eater if they’re not a fan – smoothies, freshly squeezed orange juice or home made lemonade or adding small amounts of garlic or ginger to the food they do eat. However, if you have a challenging eater who won’t eat these foods yet and can sniff them out (or they don’t have enough and need a booster) , you can give supplements to keep those winter colds away.

Which supplements are best?

If you don’t know which vitamins your child is missing out, think about what they do eat – if they eat salmon, you don’t need extra Omega-3 for example . If you look at the back of the pack you can see which have the highest levels of each vitamin etc. Some supplements and multivits have a huge difference in levels – the gummy versions are usually lowest in vitamin level and highest in sugar but if they refuse everything else it’s better than nothing. There can even be a huge difference between brands of fish oil gummies/capsules etc. so it’s definitely worth comparing the label. If you’re struggling to get them to eat it try different types – there are liquids/oils, gummies and crunchy tablets available in different flavours for kids.

Vitamin C

We use vitamin C when the kids start getting a sniffle and through the winter. We use a high dose Healtheries one but it does have quite a bitter orange flavour.

Vitamin D

Another important one for autoimmunity. For kids, this one just needs sensible sun exposure instead of supplements so try and get outside over the winter while it’s sunny.


Zinc is great in fighting infections and helping to heal. We’ve tried a few different ones recently (since Jamie’s healing from his dog bite wounds). They liked the gummies but the hands-down favourite is Bio Island Zinc For Kids – they’re crunchy and taste like “caramel and chocolate”. As a bonus, if your child has a zinc deficiency and takes zinc it will really increase their appetite!

In the past, the kids have taken chewable Omega 3 fish oil capsules which they also loved but they eat and love fish (especially salmon) so we don’t take those at the moment. If you’re stuck on how to get vitamins and nutrients into your child through healthy eating, contact me for your free initial consultation to find out how Little Bites can help your challenging eater. If you’re not in New Zealand you can email [email protected] for your international initial free consultation.