PIZZA: priorities!

What’s important to your child? The first word my daughter could spell (after he name) was pizza… and one of her first words was M&Ms!

My daughter had a speech delay, because of this her first proper words were very important to me. “Mummy”, “Daddy” and “no” were the first 3 (what more do you need?!) Her next ones (after over a year of speech therapy) were “M&Ms” and “Barbie”. A relief flooded over me that she was finally starting to be able to express her needs (well, wants!) so I bought her a bag of M&Ms (once – while I wanted to encourage her thinking speaking is useful to communicate I didn’t want her to think she could eat M&Ms whenever she wanted).

It’s important to recognise your child’s motivation, mindset, fears and as well as supporting them through it in a way that will let them feel like they have some control and that you are there helping them but not pushing them too hard. You don’t want to put them off even more!

We need to foster the idea that food is fun, that healthy food is normal and to take away the overwhelm and anxiety that trying a new food can cause for challenging eaters. If you’d like to find out more about how Little Bites can help you with this book a full consultation here or a free initial consultation to find out how Little Bites can help your challenging eater.