Kids like the strangest things

Kids often like things we least expect them to. My daughter thinks rock-solid frozen raw cauliflower is delicious and my son is desperate to eat a lollipop with a giant ant inside (thanks Bug Lab!) Some kids like the strangest things.


Strong and spicy food

Often my clients come back to me surprised that their challenging eater really likes olives, strong cheese or other spicy or strong tasting food, but it’s so common for kids with sensory issues to respond better to really strong flavours than more bland food for new food.

Don’t say eww!

If they decide to try an unusual combination don’t be negative, don’t assume they won’t like it just because it’s not to your taste (and have you tried it? 🙂 )

Don’t tell them they’re fussy

Don’t reinforce to them that they are “fussy”. Saying things like “Oh he won’t eat anything like that”, “she’ll eat it as long as it’s brown” and other statements that reinforce to them that they don’t like food they haven’t tried makes them think they CAN’T try anything new or that they really won’t like anything new. Always keep doors open and offering different tastes and textures because if you don’t offer, they definitely won’t try.

Always keep the door open to new food

Recently we went to the crab shack and I offered my kids a taste of mussels. They both tried them, my son wasn’t too keen, my daughter asked for a bit more. It takes 10-16 tries of a new food for a child’s taste buds to decide if they like a food so if they don’t like it straight away, you can try again another time but every opportunity should be embraced but not forced!


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