Set your challenging eater up for success!

One thing to think about when overcoming eating aversions is where does your child have the most success? This will be your starting point to get your child eating.


Is it where it is quiet or where there are a lot of distractions?

A lot of kids need to have time to process what’s happening and distractions can be off-putting… but, because every child is different, for others a distraction helps them avoid overthinking it and stops the fear and anxiety building up.


Is it at school or daycare or at home? A lot of kids eat better at daycare, they eat at least some of what everyone else is. They want to be the same as their friends, they see it’s not scary. But nothing works for all children, some eat better at home and eat hardly anything while at school, in restaurants or on holiday! Look for patterns to find when and where your challenging eater feels most comfortable eating, that will be the best situation to expand their diet and get your child eating. A food diary can be an amazing tool to help you find patterns in your child’s routine and diet that you never realised before!! Get in touch if you’d like a free initial consultation about your challenging eater.


What textures do they have the most success with?

Food diaries are amazing at helping you see these patterns too. If your child prefers crunchy food like crackers offer crunchy textures of the food groups they’re missing out. Little Bites helps with recognising the textural and taste preferences and then identifying healthy nutritionally varied food that they will feel more comfortable starting with.


What time are they more happy to eat?

If they’re not a morning person a brand new breakfast probably isn’t the way to go, if they don’t eat anything at school, don’t expect them to suddenly start eating a food they’ve always turned their nose up at and if they’re over their day by dinner time that’s probably not going to work for you. I offer strategies that start as an activity and work with you to find the sweet spot in your day to carry it out.


Get in touch for your free consultation to discuss how Little Bites can help your challenging eater and get rid of that dinner-time stress. Little Bites can help you get your child eating more variety with less pressure and stress!