Do you have a grazer?

Some kids are constantly telling you “I’m hungry” but when it comes to mealtimes they won’t eat! It can be so frustrating for their parents when their kids are hungry every time there’s a snack opportunity but when it comes to healthy food they won’t touch it!


It’s the holidays and I know the holidays are the time my kids are constantly starving and the grazing can become crazy and make dinner times worse than usual! The more they graze, the less likely they are to feel hungry so they won’t eat the next meal. It’s important for them to learn to wait for their food and to know the difference between hungry and bored/habit.


Here are some tips to stop the grazing and get them eating more when you want them to!

  • Have a lunch box set up for the day so they can graze all they want (on stuff you choose – carrot sticks, apple slices, cucumber, homemade muffins and all the good stuff)
  • When they are starving it’s a great opportunity to get them tasting new, healthy food so it’s the best time to try your Little Bites strategies.
  • Try to make them wait. If lunch/dinner are too far off tell them to do one activity/play one game with you then they can have a snack. As they get used to having to wait you can push the time out a little bit more.

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