Why has my child stopped eating?

Why do they stop eating?

There are very few things your toddler or young child has control over. The big things they can control are their food, clothes and sleep… It can be so frustrating when they suddenly refuse to eat something they’ve always loved (or to sleep or get dressed!) but that’s what most kids do… they assert their control in some way. When they reach a point in their lives where they have realised that they have choices, giving them the control they are demanding is how you can get everything back on track! If you’re wondering “why has my child stopped eating?” then find out below.

Give them control

They crave control and they’re making life more stressful for both of you, so give them some control.

Control doesn’t have to mean nuggets and biscuits for dinner – give a choice of 2 vegetables, the colour of the plate, what activity to do after lunch is finished, small controlled choices are the way to go. Without choices your child will keep pushing in the way they know how – by refusing to eat what you’re offering. Your child stopped eating to gain control, now they have choices they can eat what you offer and still think they’re the one in control

Consistency and fun with food are also vital. You need to keep with it, small steps are better than none and it all helps to build up to the point where they’re willing or even asking to try new food! There are children that require more support and might not “grow out of it” by themselves. If you’re wondering how to know if it’s just a phase check out this article I wrote.

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