Transforming attitudes to get kids eating!

The most important thing to change when it comes to challenging eating and getting your child to eat a better, more varied diet, can also be the most difficult – attitude! How can you get your child to want to eat healthy food? How can you get your child to eat?

Luckily Little Bites strategies and resources are designed especially to help your challenging eater overcome their fears and aversions and turn their attitudes around. That means they can eat better variety! I’ve had a lot of feedback recently from happy clients letting me know that their challenging awesome eaters have been tasting, trying and starting to ask for new food! How amazing is that?

Lisa told me

“Listening to Rose Anne talk about food phobias has really changed the way I speak about food and that has also changed the way my daughter responds to trying new foods and foods she has previously been terrified of.” It really does make a huge difference.

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Did you see my recent Facebook Live event were I spoke about changing attitudes towards food and how imprtant that is to get your child to eat healthy food? If not here are the main tips.

  1. Be positive. That means every time they take a step forward they get genuine meaningful praise. The’ve taken a huge step forward and deserve that to be recognised even if to most people it’s a tiny step.
  2. Avoid negative experiences. If a child has a negative experience with a food they will remember those negative associations next time and won’t want to try it again.
  3. Make food fun. Play food related games* and move on to using them to pretend to eat, play matching games with the actual food and move on to trying the food. You can also make it look fun or call it by a cool name (Hulk muffins sound so much cooler than spinach muffins.)
  4. Give choices. Grated or cooked, sticks or circles, the green plate or the yellow? Even get them to help choose which fruits, meats and vegetables you buy at the supermarket. Another great way to give choices is on a platter.

*Great games I’ve always had success with are Orchard Games: lunch boxes, Greedy Gorilla, Crazy Chef, and Melissa and Doug Sandwich games.

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